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The Fillmore is inspired by the classic guitars from  the 50s and 60 we all love with modern attributes. Warm classic tones with the unique feel from a handmade guitar.

Well balanced, lightweight and comfortrable to play sitting or standing.


Body: Mahogany
Top: Maple
Neck: Set Mahogany
Finish: Nitro
Nut: Bone
Fret-board: Ebony or Rosewood
12” Radius
Frets: Jescar (Nickel / Silver)
Tuners: Hipshot
Scale: 245/8
Bridge: Schroerder wrap or ABR or Bigsby
Pickups: P90 or Arcane Humbucker or Ultratrons


Mono Case included with purchase


  • Plan on a build period of 6 to 12 months with and average of around 9 months. Build times do vary a lot and estimated build times are just that, estimates. There are many variables that can cause a build time to go beyond the initial estimate. I do my best to finish within the estimated time period buy your patience is appreciated if it goes beyond the original estimate.

    Once complete, every instrument is set up, played, tested, packed up and shipped by me. I also answer the phone, emails, texts, provide customer support,  welcome visitors, etc… So please understand if it takes me a day or so to respond to calls/texts/emails.

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