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This episode of Marvin TV features another Couch Riffs performance with one of the assembled bands by Couch Riffs.  

This episode features a performance of a Rod Stewart classic, YOUNG TURKS, by special guests William DuVall (Alice In Chains/Vox), Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers/Drums), Jon Skibic (Afghan Whigs/Lead Guitar), Mark Watrous (The Shins/Keys), and Ryan "Fluff" Bruce (Dragged Under/Rhythm Guitar) with yours truly, Mike Squires on COUCH RIFFS with audio mixed by Don Gunn (Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service/SOUNDGARDEN)

This video is the culmination of much effort over the last 2 years, as I slowly figure out what the hell I'm doing. I book, schedule, film, edit, and promote Couch Riffs, a video series and an audio podcast, which celebrates its 100th podcast episode the week of this release! I can't believe I'm still going some days and I’m not sure how I maintained the energy for it through this year.

Sometimes you think you're creating something very specific that you've fully imagined and realized but life and circumstances have a way of showing you how it will be its best if you listen and take cues. In some ways Couch Riffs is the most fun I've had in any musically related project in my life and career. It is challenging and can be a real test of patience at times but is always worth the effort. I'm constantly laughing at the situations I'm finding myself in and always laughing directly at myself. It is an absolute honor and privilege every time someone says yes to the question "will you be on Couch Riffs with me?"

This ensemble Couch Riffs video is made up of folks that I've known for varying amounts of time. The choice of song inspiration actually came from Ronnie Vannucci who told me years ago before The Killers released Sam's Town that they were going to cover this song (it never happened). I remembered this and when we started talking about song choices I threw that out and he didn't remember! He just thought I picked a great song. I've known RV since the 90s and am so happy to finally get the opportunity to play on a track with him!

Mark Watrous first came on my radar around 2000 when he was in a NW band called Loudermilk, one of my absolute favorites. This guy SHREDS guitar, keys, and strings. He's gone on, of course, to play with some very big and successful acts because that's where he belongs. With the best of the best. 

I've met William DuVall over the years a handful of times but never spoke to him at length and digested the depth of his experience and influence on underground music over the last 4 decades until he guested on the Couch Riffs podcast. His stories are some of my favorites of all time on the show and it was an absolute jaw dropping experience for me to hear his track on this the very first time when he sent it back to me. Alice in Chains is lucky to have him and I'm even luckier to have him on this track. 

Jon Skibic is in one of the greatest American indie bands of all time, the Afghan Whigs, and he really shines on this track in a way that he doesn't always get highlighted on stage or record. When I moved to NY a number of our mutual friends pestered both of us to meet each other until we finally did and have become fast friends. 

Ryan Bruce is likely the most familiar person to most folks watching this video if you've EVER been on YouTube and wanted to learn about some great piece of guitar gear. He has been a super resource to Couch Riffs in nearly every way imaginable. He actually saw one of my earliest videos where I was using an iPad and iRig along with my iphone and he sent me a bus-powered interface so that I could improve my game a bit. He's also been a very patient resource to me as I work out the kinks and riff on ideas to him. He's also a killer guitar player in a vicious metal band called Dragged Under and you should check them out. 

It was an absolute pleasure making this and hosting each of my guests. I thank them for trusting me to present them to you and I thank you for watching and supporting the videos and podcast.

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