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I've always played and been inspired by vintage guitars. So, all the guitars I build are based on American made instruments from the 50s and 60s. It's only me, no employees, no cnc machines. I only use old school methods with routers, sandpaper, wood, and a whole lot of soul! Everything is made by hand, by me in my small shop in the Los Angeles area.

I only use electronics and hardware sourced from local small businesses, even down to the truss rods which are handmade by a local machinist. You can be assured everything in or on the guitars I make are of the highest quality. 


Keith Horne

Nothing is outsourced except for pickups, and a hand full of hardware which is carefully selected from trusted partnerships.

All of my guitars are built to order. If you are interested in purchasing a guitar please feel free to contact me by filling out the form on this website, email me at or give me a call at 213-400-6702


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Every Instrument I build is handmade and made to order by me and only me.

I’m what I like to call a “micro-builder” which means due to the high demand for a hand-made and finely tuned Marvin Guitar, I am limited to how many guitars I can make at one time. 

-Keith Horne


Plan on a build period of 6 to 12 months with and average of around 9 months. Build times do vary a lot and estimated build times are just that, estimates. There are many variables that can cause a build time to go beyond the initial estimate. I do my best to finish within the estimated time period buy your patience is appreciated if it goes beyond the original estimate.

Once complete, every instrument is set up, played, tested, packed up and shipped by me. I also answer the phone, emails, texts, provide customer support,  welcome visitors, etc… So please understand if it takes me a day or so to respond to calls/texts/emails.

Once you have determined the model you want, I require a $500 (non-refundable) deposit for materials and hardware with the remaining balance plus shipping due once your guitar is complete.


Anonymity and digression of custom builds and special orders will also be maintained as the highest priority for high profile clients.


Progress Photos:

Please, do not ask for “progress shots!” (The answer is NO because we choose progress over pictures! I do often post pictures and videos on Instagram, However, I’m not a photographer, and taking a break from building instruments to take photos can interrupt my time building guitars greatly.  So please don’t ask. 


International Shipping:

All international orders ship through Bonvu becomes your US address, forwarder, smooths out customs documentation, and saves $$ through bulk shipments. To estimate your Bonvu shipment, enter a 46” x 10” x 12” box at 25 lbs and your destination address into the Bonvu shipping calculator. As with the information below. With Bonvu, you make your own declarations and be prepared for customs duties your government may collect. Preparation is key!

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